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Type : Hands on Training

Version : SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 7

Duration : 40Hours

Delivery Method  : Online / In-House


SAP Security Introduction                                                                            Description:

This SAP Security and Auithorization’s Course gives technical consultants environment, IT managers, administrators and authorization of in-depth look at all aspects of IT security in the SAP NetWeaver.

What you Learn                                                                                                                             Course Goals: 

Business Process

How Security Module work in R/3

Implementation Training

Integration with other Modules

Real-time Training with End to End Implementation Process.

SAP Security Contents                                                                                                                                          

Course Overview 

Introduction to ERP 

Client/Server Architecture 

R/3 Architecture – Dialog, Background, Update, Enque, Spool work processes 

System Landscape – Single, Two, Three system landscapes 

Client Concept 

Default user id’s, clients 

SAP Installation Concepts of 4.6C, 4.7, 5.0 and 6.0 

User Administration 

User Settings 

Authorizations in General 

Creating and Implementing an Authorization Concept 

Basic Terminology of Authorizations 

Working with Profile Generator 

o Profile Generator and Standard Roles 

o Special PFCG Roles 

o Subtleties of Authorization Maintenance 

o Single roles and Composite roles 

Trouble Shooting Security Issues – System Trace and SU53 

Profile Generator – Installation and Upgrade 

Transporting Authorizations 

Transporting Authorizations 

Central User Administration 

o Installing and Configuring CUA 

Introduction to Sarbanes Oxley Audit 

What are Segregation of Duties (SOD)? 

SOX Analysis Tools 

Installing Virsa/GRC 

Using Virsa Tools 

o Compliance Calibrator 

o Fire Fighter 

o Access Enforcer 

o Role Expert 

CATT Scripts 

ECATT Scripts 

Securing Access to transactions, tables and reports 

Audit Information System 

SAP User License Management 

Introduction to BW Security 

Difference between BW 3.5 and BI 7.0 

Upgrading BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 

Complete Security Implementation Project 

o User Access provisioning System 

o Role Remediation 

o Implementing SOD Tools